Quality certificates

Protecting Health and Safety of workers and the environment are integral aspects of the primary goals and business Novenergy.

The company lays the foundation of his philosophy of prevention of possible damage to property and / or persons, and minimizing the impact on the environment, both locally and globally.

Novenergy also identifies the quality and commitment to continuous improvement of its processes are essential objectives to meet or exceed customer expectations. The company successfully applies the best techniques and methods of engineering, construction and assembly, and quality management systems integrated with its know-how, skilled resources and efficient solutions, to ensure compliance with budgets and programs.

Novenergy operates in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards and adopt the model of organization management and control system (Legislative Decree no. 231/'01) and also holds SOA OG09 and requirements under Law 46/'90 on the certification of plants.

Attestazione SOA Certificato QS 9001 Certificato di qualità ISO 9001 Attestazione SOA